Lions Prayer

Oh god of this great universe, I thank thee for the wonderful opportunity you have given me in being a member of a Lions club, which I believe is one of the greatest humanitarian organizations in the world that is always ready to help and care for the blind and many other unfortunates. Help us all to continue the good work we are doing, so when the time comes to leave this world of ours, we will leave it with the satisfaction of knowing that we have done our share as true lions in helping others for the good of humanity.

When I attend my Lions Club and break bread at the table, I give million thanks to god, To know that I am able to meet there brothers and sisters, relax, play and sing, To bear the speakers of the day, the fine thoughts that they bring. I realize that I have a part in caring for the blind. Also the underprivileged, let’s keep them all in mind. Now as we do our daily tasks, pray God, we do them greatly then LIBERTY and INTELLIGENCE will be OUR NATION’S SAFETY.